4 tips you should know to supercharge your sales using AI

3 min readJul 26, 2021


The market after the pandemic is going to be an all-digital marketplace for sales. So, Sales Leaders are tapping into technologies to develop a stronger relationship with customers to generate more revenue.

Generally, Sales leaders spend a lot of time listening to sales calls to help sales reps close deals faster.

With Artificial intelligence emerging as a revolutionary tool, Sales leaders can now save their precious time and be more productive using it.

Therefore Salesforce, the top CRM player, brings AI features in its Sales Cloud to enable you to skill up your sales team by pairing your sales coaching team with Salesforce CRM.

As Salesforce Consulting Partner, We present to you some of the ways you can charge your Sales teams to build relationships and earn revenue.

Tips to Skill Up your Sales Rep

# Tip 1 Track on product trends

Businesses need to keep track of the current market trends to track their customer needs. Many organizations use Sales Cloud’s Einstein Call Coaching which deploys AI to track and decipher what goes in the calls.

Apart from that, AI-driven Einstein can identify the potential leads that can convert to deals and also can proactively find poor-performing opportunities for the sales reps to track and work on it.

#Tip 2 Keep an eye on competitors

Objection Handling is one parameter that can lead you to a sure shot sale. And, to be able to handle objections effectively, you should know what your competitors are offering. Using the power of AI, you can track your competitor’s pricing, offers, and products easily and thus can win back your customers.

#Tip 3 Reduce error and avoid mistakes

Sometimes sales reps misquote pricing or products without understanding the pitfalls associated with it. AI can track those pitfalls and notify immediately to prevent any mistake that can cost a fortune. Case in point- Armstrong Steel has saved almost 8%of their total revenue by reducing errors using AI.

#Tip 4 Fasten Up Call Reviews

Reviewing calls is important for Sales Leaders as it gives an idea of why sales reps are not hitting the targets. But listening to each call is a tedious job and kills a lot of productive time.

Here, AI can help to review calls faster segregating the important ones. It is found that AI can save 60% of the time spent in assessing calls.

Closing Thoughts

As a Salesforce consulting partner, we believe it’s time to be future-ready with Technology-driven business methods to reduce error, connect with customers, and grow business abundantly.

If you are still hesitant about implementing Salesforce, hiring the experts might help.

So, without any delay, Contact Outsource Salesforce today and grow your business with new-age solutions.




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